I’m Carlos Ivanchuk. I bring ideas to life with code.

Hi there! I’m 23 years old web developer based on Venezuela. I am passionate about design, building delightful UIs, tinkering with micro-interactions, and teaching — I will soon be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a specialization in ESL.

I’ve loved creating things for as long as I can remember. I find writing and music composition particularly fascinating because they allow me to express myself and create new things. But if I have to choose what I love the most, it would be web dev: anytime me or a friend has a problem, it’s like a superpower to be able to build a solution myself.

I have +3 years of experience using Svelte(Kit) for different projects. Also, I have participated in a couple hackathons using SvelteKit and ranked 2nd and 5th place.

In my free time, I enjoy keeping up with UI design ideas and the state of web development & AI on Twitter and Reddit. I also like to watch game development videos on Youtube and read Brandon Sanderson’s books.

Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to chat or share ideas!

Values I try to follow

  • Before reinventing the wheel, first look for ways to contribute and improve existing solutions.
  • Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Exercise your mind and body.
  • Remember the human.

Hobbies that I have

  • Writing music on MuseScore.
  • Playing piano.
  • Speed-cubing.
  • Learning new languages.
  • Playing chess (I made an app!)

Things I would like to do someday

  1. Own a Brompton.
  2. Learn Three.js.
  3. Play clarinet.
  4. Learn Italian and German.
  5. Develop a pixel art game in Lua.