Landing page tips

  1. Separate landing pages for separate audiences.

  2. One call-to-action, repeated.

  3. Keep your page simple, spacious, clean, easy to scan.

  4. Cut half of your copy, refine the other half 2 times.

  5. Make it clear who the product is for → “Email marketing for Bloggers”.

  6. Better coppy → Find themes in your customer reviews.

    Positive → Use language on your page.

    Negative → Address concerns.

    No reviews? Analyze competitor reviews (G2).

  7. Use Hemingway App for stronger copy.

  8. Add urgency if possible.

  9. Use product screenshots or gifs instead of illustrations.

  10. Illustrations of product OK if complex feature.

  11. Split test large design changes first.

  12. Use multi-step forms instead of large forms.

  13. Even best practices may be wrong, test everything.

  14. Run through Pagespeed see if anything is broken.

  15. Optimize all images, scripts.

  16. Cater to the right audience awareness level (don’t explain the obvious benefits of your product to people who already know them and use similar products).

  17. Add testimonials, ratings, social proof.

  18. Make it easy to act → free trials.


  1. I don’t remember the author of the image where I found these tips, but maybe it’s from Rob Hope or Olly. If you have any idea of who the author is, please let me know so I can add the proper copyright notice.